The major things to consider when you start a business

16 Jul 2019

You are about to start a business! Great! But have you considered these 4 major things? They can make or break your business.

Ask yourself these questions and consider the following:

Consideration Number One – “How’s my mindset?”

If you start a business from a mindset of ‘lack’, then lack is what you will receive.  Start your business with a positive vision of your future, visualize this daily, affirm it, claim it, and be grateful for it, as if you’ve already received it. Abundance is available to you, but a mindset of ‘lack’ stops that abundance from flowing to you.

Let’s tackle another mindset issue: fear. If you begin your mindset from a place of fear, you open yourself up to vulnerability.

Consideration Number Two – “What am I good at?”

Everyone has their zone of genius. Some are fantastic at branding, some are great at writing, while others are great on camera.  Accept your unique gifts, utilize those gifts to better serve your audience.  If you are not great at doing certain tasks within your business, ask yourself these questions: 1) Can I outsource it? 2) Do I have the money to outsource it? 3) If not, can I learn how to do it? HINT – You can learn anything if your desired outcome is solid.

Consideration Number Three – “Am I willing to get out there?”

You have to show up every day for your community.  You will build major “like, know, and trust factor” when you give constant value and show up every day for your following.  The question is whether you are willing to nod in agreement with this or you are willing to go out and do it?  Start going ‘live’, message your target market and ask people about their pain points. Get your name known and become visible.

Consideration Number Four – “What is my mission statement?”

In the beginning of your business, it’s tempting to get caught up in the aesthetics of your Instagram and the copy of your Facebook posts.  However, determine what your ‘why’ is, first and foremost.  When those long days start taking a toll on you, your ‘why’ will push you through. When you truly know why you want to start a business, you can then create your mission statement.  Ask yourself, how do you want to impact the world? Do you want to provide a product that you have developed? Do you want to provide a service that will transform people’s lives? What is the purpose of your business? What is the long-term goal? Then ask, how will this impact your life?  All of these questions will provide your ‘why’.

Take this a step deeper and ask yourself, “What story are you trying to re-write? What is my big-picture goal?” People who are successful in business usually have big-picture goals that involve making a lasting impact in the world.  The goals are different. Some are in business to create a new money mindset for entrepreneurs. Some wish to help disadvantaged people create the businesses of their dreams.

Your big-picture goal is vital. Your big-picture goal will motivate you, mold your business into what it’s meant to be and create massive impact in the world. Your big-picture goal will serve as the foundation of your mission statement. Utilize that mission statement to drive your business decisions and help you create clarity on what you need to do in order to reach this big-picture goal.


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