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20 May 2019

Michelle Slote, founder & CEO of Hello Wholeness Co., a blog and resource hub for women; and Brian Hunt TV, Affiliate Marketing speak on how you can create a powerful, impactful, fulfilling, and profitable business.

Is health an oversaturated niche for a blog?

Brian: Practically every niche is over saturated. Do not think of the niche being saturated, think of how you can cut through and stand out from all of the people who are not as serious as you are.

Niches are saturated due to so many people who want to be successful but do not want to put in the work to become successful. There could be 10,000 people in your niche but only 100–150 people will actually take action and make something happen to get results.

My answer to your question is: if you love talking about health, then talk about health. Blog about it, make videos about it, teach it. Whatever you want to do and stick out from all the noise.

What should beginners do first?  

Michelle: First, you should always differentiate yourself in some way. Good ways to do this are: What are some things that people say you’re really good at? What do you absolutely love doing with your free time?

What makes a blog relatable, in your view?

Michelle: Two things! A blog becomes relatable when you use your ideal reader’s language. That is why it is vital that you come up with an “ideal reader” image. Know how they express concepts and know EXACTLY how you can relate to them on the topics and concepts. For example, a young stay a home mother who wants to start a business won’t connect with industry standard words as much as an executive in a Fortune 500 company would.

Human nature is wired to remember things when they relate to a story. I teach my clients to “use your personal, unique, whole story.” This takes time because you will have to formulate stories that fit with your concepts and topics but it pays off!

This also makes certain you never have to worry about competition again because no one else has your story! WIN!

What is the best way to attract the first 10 clients for a startup?

Michelle: Really, it’s a matter of offering a ‘taster’ session for free to gather testimonials. This depends on the results created from this session. I always advise my clients to just START.

Start the blog. Start the business. YOU decide if you are the expert. YOU decide if you are worthy of pay. It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been doing it….

What are the best resources for starting a successful blog?

Michelle: How do you define ‘successful’? What is your end-goal? How do you want to monetize it? If you’re just starting out it will be best to figure out the end-goal before you do anything to avoid changing gears in a major way, later on.

If the end-goal for your blog is to launch a coaching business, you would love this! I created this free workbook for bloggers who want a successful blog through launching a coaching business – ‘4 Pillars of Success for Bloggers who want to Coach’

What was your highest point as a business coach?

Michelle: Finding and working with those ideal clients (for me, it’s passion-driven bloggers who want to start their coaching businesses) and helping them not only launch their business but see themselves in a whole new light and their vision is so clear! Best thing ever!

Does writing a blog attract coaching clients?

Michelle: YES! It’s a great way to attract clients. Though of course, there are a number of things you must do to attract and convert readers to clients.

Can you earn serious money blogging on philosophy (Stoicism, Cynicm, Kierkeegard, Nietzsche etc.) and selling your life-coaching services?

Michelle: YES! That would be a fantastic way to earn money. What would your coaching program consist of and who is your target audience? Are you charging prices you could live off though? All questions you would need to answer before moving forward. The only major way to earn serious money from a blog is through offering coaching services so you’re on the right track! If you need any further help with this, I’m a coach for bloggers who want to create, launch, and sustain their coaching businesses. I’d love to see how I can support you further.


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