Oases of beauty and wonder: the US most amazing parks

29 Jul 2019

Who of us doesn’t dream of plunging into the beauty and peaceful atmosphere of greenery, the life-giving colours of nature and the blueness of the sky! You will surely find the consolation and inspiration, you need, visiting these most amazing parks of US.

U.S. Botanic Garden – Washington, D.C.

The U.S. Botanic Garden in Washington, D.C. is a garden attraction befitting of a nation’s capital. It also happens to be one of the oldest organized garden facilities in the country, having been commissioned by the U.S. Congress in 1820. Now, the garden consists of indoor and outdoor facilities and a beautiful array of tens of thousands of plants. It’s an oasis of real beauty.

Portland Japanese Garden – Portland, Oregon

The Portland Japanese Garden may actually be the most unique option listed here, which is one reason it’s such a thrill to visit. As mentioned above, there are noteworthy gardens in cities all over the world, and it’s actually rather rare that one sets itself apart. Here though you aren’t seeing the typical clusters of plants that only botany enthusiasts can truly appreciate. Rather you’re seeing what’s been described as a truly authentic snapshot of Japan, including a tea garden, sand and stone garden, and other features. It’s almost like stepping briefly into a portal to Japan itself.

Except that once you’re done you can walk right back out of it (and Washington Park, in which the garden sits) and into Portland to enjoy one of the most laid back and charming of major U.S. cities.

Longwood Gardens – Kennett Square, Pennsylvania

Longwood Gardens is a bit more stately than the other selections here, in that it feels more like some palatial landscape as opposed to your typical city garden setup. That means man-made structures, high-spouting fountains, meticulously manicured hedges and trees, and an immaculate lawn. And all of this speaks to exactly why this is a destination that you can appreciate even if you’re not a garden enthusiast or botany expert.

Walking through Longwood Gardens will make you feel like you’re on a stroll through a movie set, or some royal ground reminiscent of Europe.

Rutgers Gardens – New Brunswick, New Jersey

These are actually the official gardens of Rutgers University in New Jersey, and given that they’re surprisingly sprawling. At well over 100 acres, the gardens provide a variety of little settings all blended into one, and somehow that studious, collegiate atmosphere you expect from a prominent university pervades it all. For that reason it’s a place that can make you feel young again, all while you absorb a great deal of natural beauty.

Plus, the gardens can easily be built into a bigger vacation given relatively close proximity to the coast and Atlantic City area. There you’ll find some of the United States’ more underrated beaches, as well as a freshly vibrant scene.


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