The little girl decided to think of others before herself

31 Dec 2018

While most children would’ve spent Christmas Day with their families

possibly being showered with gifts, one six-year-old girl decided she wanted to do something different this year, and handed out presents to homeless people instead.

Pearly Rose McGowan was inspired to help those sleeping rough after returning home from watching Mary Poppins Returns at the cinema on Christmas Eve and spotting a man taking shelter in a doorway nearby.

The next day, after unwrapping her own presents and realising how fortunate she was, Pearly asked her grandfather Martin, 57, to help her make goodie bags to give to homeless people.

He agreed and helped her compile gift bags containing homemade soup, sandwiches, crisps, sweets and socks.

The two then travelled from their home in West Dunbartonshire to Glasgow city centre and spent the afternoon looking for people they could help.

Pearly’s aunt, Teresa, 38, said they started off by driving around but couldn’t find anyone in need, so decided to walk instead.

“They went around the city centre and told us that one of the guys that received the bags was crying saying ‘you don’t know what this means’,” she said.

“It was just so lovely to hear, Pearly says she wanted to do it because she wanted them to have something for Christmas.”

The mother-of-two went on to praise her niece’s uniquely merciful spirit.

“It’s just amazing because at six-years-old, you just think of yourself.”

“But not Pearly, she decided to think of others before herself and that’s exactly what she’s like.”


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