Top UK Christmas Destinations

01 Jan 2018


Central London puts on its red suit and long, white beard during the festive season, lighting up like a big Christmas tree. From the West End to the far South, our nation’s capital buzzes with activities that are geared towards spreading good vibes and holiday cheer. From the giant Christmas tree and carolling in Trafalgar Square, to the Nut Cracker ballet at the Royal Opera House, to outdoor ice skating rinks and the Christmas market in Hyde Park, to the London Eye’s bright lights, the city is sparkles everywhere. Even a walk around Oxford Circus at night makes you feel like you’re a cast member in a Christmas movie.

Rochester, Kent

A Christmas Carol is one of the most loved Christmas stories of all time, and with Rochester being the final resting place of Charles Dickens, it seems only fitting that the city celebrates the festive season with a festival in his honour. With its dramatic cathedral, castle and medieval architecture, Rochester becomes a perfect backdrop for the Charles Dickens Christmas festival, which sets the tone for a magical season. The streets comes alive with performers, markets, pantomimes and artificial snow. The overall effect turns the clocks back two hundred years during the festive season, bringing the world of England’s most loved author back to life for a spell.


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