My love and inspiration for art is a river of emotions that I try to convey through colors: American artist Sylvia Aldebol

01 Sep 2019

SA Art & Design is Sylvia Aldebol’s studio based at Henderson, Nevada. Modern American artist Sylvia Aldebol says she creates art for all who love Nature, Sea Life, Dreams, Family and Love.

What inspires you the most in your life and art?  

Sylvia: Oh, my greatest inspiration is nature and love; the inner fire that creates balance, unity, and peacefulness in every woman. It is an invitation to self-introspection, welcoming love to life itself and everything that surround us.

What’s your vision of life and beauty?

Sylvia: Well, I hope you will see my vision of life and beauty through my paintings.

Do you paint your loved ones?

Sylvia: Of course I do. Here is my “Parental Advice”. Memorable moments. The little moments that fill us and make life beautiful. Sweet advice that stay in your heart. Sharing small moments make life big. I captured this scene after a beautiful and calm walk. My husband and son rest at the lake shore.

The painting “Deep into the Color” is inspired by my daughter, a young woman full of dreams and talent. Her beauty is submerged in colors that represent talents that paint and caress her all over.

And what inspired you to paint your “Cálida Frescura”?

Sylvia: The Caribbean Sun. I’m sure you feel the Sun calls you to enjoy its warmth. The one that takes you to see endless colors, making you feel the freshness that surrounds us in nature.

By no means, you adore the feeling of freedom.

Sylvia: Well, I’m sure all love freedom. One of my painting “Feelings of Freedom” is devoted to this theme. A beautiful and peaceful dream… Deep within herself, the girl on the picture is exhaling feelings of peace and freedom that link her with nature. Her breath is powerful but gentle enough to carry delicate bubbles that move her precious dreams.

Your painting “Joyful Memories” helps feel the atmosphere of a happy light-hearted childhood.

Sylvia: That’s what I tried to convey there. Our beautiful memories cause us to view life full of joy! Childhood dreams are beautiful and dwell within our souls. No matter how far we are from home and family, they keep us close to our inner feelings and love! They inspire me to paint from the heart.

You enjoy painting flowers, aren’t you?

Sylvia: I do. Contemplating nature is one of my most precious pastimes. These wild white orchids on my painting “Flying White” look like flying on top of their fluffy leaves. They fly, fly close to me …flowers or curious fairies or maybe angels that want to fly accompanying my dreams.

And Yellow Poppy flowers were the first flowers that caught my eye when I arrived at San Diego, California. They paint paths of gold that fill life with brilliant joy by dancing with the placid morning breeze. This is how my “Yellow Flowers” was born.

What meaning is inserted into your painting “Shine Away”?

Sylvia: Our feelings, emotions and sensations change with each passing day, adventures, and journey throughout our lives. My love and inspiration for art is a river of emotions that I try to paste in colors for your enjoyment for years to come.

What do you want to say by your “Hidden Guardian”?

Sylvia: Just look beyond what your eyes can’t see and feel the wonders that Mother Nature has created for us. Nature is protected by the Earth Soul; no matter where we are, there is peace, life, and beauty. We are the outsiders who do not understand the balance, peace, and power of the environment which surround us. I close my eyes to see what my eyes cannot show me…

You often paint turtles. Why?

Sylvia: Please say, what you feel looking at my “Magic Turtle”? I’m sure you feel you’re in a fairy tale. I see the turtle as a mystical and majestic creature. Long-lived beings, inspired by oriental culture and stories, where the turtle carries a castle on its back. It is an invitation to revive sweet fantasies from our childhood.

I like my paintings to have positive messages that can inspire others just by looking at them. The main idea of the triptych painting “Current Dance” is being joyful in life: Majestic sea turtles gliding and dancing within the warm sea current, free of worries, enjoying life to the fullest with peace and friendship.

My intention from the beginning was for them to be displayed together so the viewer may enjoy their flow and movement as they dance through the water current.



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