A Forum of artistic excellence and innovative solutions: the 2021 Textile Design Forum in Kyiv

18 Jun 2021

On May 28-30, the Ukrainian Textile Design Forum 2021 was held at the hotel Bratislava in Kyiv.

The forum was organized by the Association of Textile Decorators and Designers of Ukraine.

The event gathered more than 500 participants from 6 countries, according to the organizers.

Among the participants were textile decor studio owners, textile decorators, interior designers and architects.

The forum was attended by representatives of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, representatives of Ukrainian universities. They took part in the discussion of issues raised at the forum. Among the issues were those related to the creation of a youth education program, aimed at training textile decorators and designers.

The forum events were held in the hall of the hotel Bratislava and were broadcast online.

The main goals of the forum were:

– popularization of the profession of Textile Decorator,

– joining the efforts of professional decorators and designers of the country in order to achieve the state recognition and registration of the profession of Textile Decorator in the Classifier of Occupations of Ukraine,

– studying and mastering the experience of the leading specialists who effectively work in the field of textile decor.

The rich program of the forum included:

– Registration of the record of Ukraine “The Biggest Curtain” in the Book of Records of Ukraine.

– TOP-100 Textile Decorators of Ukraine Competition and awarding the prize-winners.

– Speeches of the textile decorators and designers recognized in the world and Ukraine.

The event was opened with a parade of the forum participants in Victory Park. They carried in their hands a beautiful huge curtain specially tailored for this day. The curtain symbolized the unity of Ukrainian textile decorators in achieving their common goals.

The curtain with a length of about 135 m was sewn using the patchwork method by the craftsmen enthusiasts from different cities of Ukraine. The record “The Biggest Curtain” was solemnly entered into the Book of Records of Ukraine that day.

The First Ukrainian TOP-100 Textile Decorators Competition 2021 showed all the beauty of Ukrainian textiles and revealed many new creative personalities with significant artistic potential. The competition pleasantly surprised the audience with the versatility of presented projects. The participants and guests of the forum noted a well-thought-out organization of the event.

The professional jury which consisted of international experts, recognized decorators, architects, designers had to work hard and, as they said, to rack their brains before they could choose the best options and non-standard solutions out of 247 works.

The objective balanced assessment of the projects given by the jury largely corresponded to the opinion of the forum participants and increased the significance of the event.

The works selected for the competition were distinguished by their conceptuality. They conveyed an original idea and reflected the author’s philosophical approach to the theme.

Most of the visual projects presented by the nominees impressed with their aesthetics, functionality, quality of tailoring and installation.

The innovative solutions, non-trivial vision, bold ideas, which the forum was rich in, undoubtedly demonstrated the great success of the organizers. They managed to unite creative gifted people with a sense of duty to society, who appreciate artistry and elegance and strive to provide their clients with maximum comfort and convenience.

The spirit of creativity, youth and high aspirations literally filled the air. There was no trace of any officialdom.

The friendly and inspiring atmosphere prevailing at the forum helped the participants relax and unwind. In numerous interviews they unanimously admitted that they have ceased to feel like competitors. “We are now one big family and are happy to share our secrets, best practices, plans. We intend to continue to meet, communicate, get acquainted. We are overwhelmed with colossal energy, and the impulse received here will help us bring to life the ideas perceived at the forum.”

A close-knit alliance of like-minded people striving to implement the idea of developing textile design as a form of applied art, of creating new quality standards in textile design and decor, is also a huge achievement of the organizers of the event.

A solemn moment of awarding the prize-winners has come.

The GRAND PRIX was awarded to KEPKANOV STUDIO for project 59/2 ‘A place of power in a big city’.

In the nomination TEXTILES IN THE CLASSIC INTERIOR, the 1st place was awarded to project 43/1 ‘Apartment with history’. The textile decorator is Maria Ivashenyuta from IM DESIGN STUDIO.

In the nomination AUTHOR’S TEXTILES. FINISHED PRODUCTS, the 1st place was awarded to project 2/3. The author of the project is Lesya Smarovoz from FABRIC17 STUDIO.

In the nomination TEXTILES AS A CREATIVE ART OBJECT, the 1st place was awarded to project 20/3 ‘Lapis lazuli bespoke decor’. The textile decorator is Olga Kuyan from ELITE SALON OF AUTHOR’S CURTAINS.

In the nomination TEXTILES FOR THE CHILDREN’S ROOM, the 1st place was awarded to project 9/4 ‘Dreams of a little shepherdess’. The private decorator is Svetlana Sild.

In the nomination TEXTILES IN HoReCa, the 1st place was awarded to project 4/6 ‘Sea breeze’. The textile decorator is Leila. LEILA ART DESIGN STUDIO.

In the nomination TEXTILES FOR THE BEDROOM, the 1st place was awarded to project 26/5 ‘A place of power in a big city’. The decorators and the engineering project – Irina and Dmitro Kepkanov. KEPKANOV STUDIO.

All the projects – be it the interior of the bedroom, children’s room or the living room, the design of pillows and curtains – carry one common idea: textile design and decor serve to create the atmosphere of peace, inner harmony, beauty and comfort in the place where people live, work or rest.

The participants and guests of the forum sincerely thanked the partners of the event, who made a huge contribution to its organization. The prizes from ARHOME, Grand Design, Interior Plus, Bandex, Liberta, Decoration Club and many others awarded for the most creative and active use of their products, cash prizes, certificates and the Grand Prix – a trip to Frankfurt am Main to the Heimtextil Frankfurt Exhibition – delighted the participants.

All who had an opportunity to take part in the event expressed hope and confidence that the textile industry will rise to a new, higher stage of its development, the stage of prosperity.

Let us wish the textile decorators and designers inspiration and creative flight of thought, which, as we know, are priceless.





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