Ukraine provides a wide range of investment opportunities

04 May 2021

With the further development of democracy in Ukraine, the consistent improvement of its economy and infrastructure, the country is entering deeper into Euro-Atlantic and world integration.

Investors note that Ukraine is becoming a stable and predictable emerging market.

In recent years, Ukraine launched important structural reforms with the EU convergence policy to create a solid platform for future sustainable growth.

 Key factors that make Ukraine attractive for investments:

It is one of the largest countries within Europe — the area of Ukraine is 603,500 square kilometers.

Ukraine is located at the crossroads of major transportation routes.

Ukraine has a developed market economy – It has a competitive agricultural, energy, metallurgical, chemical and manufacturing industries, a high-tech industrial base, rapidly developing information technology and high-tech sectors.

Ukraine is part of the global value chain – Currently it has 18 free trade agreements with 47 countries.

Ukraine’s educated workforce is highly respected around the world.

The Ukrainian market provides a wide range of investment opportunities.

Its location, talented human capital, cost-competitiveness, and availability of free trade agreements with many global markets can ensure rapid growth and a high return on investments in key sectors like information technology, agriculture, energy, manufacturing and infrastructure.

Ukraine is open for business.



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