Humanity is called to reason and wisdom to let the earth and sky breathe: The world after the COVID -19 pandemic

01 May 2020

The world, caught off guard against the new type of coronavirus (COVID-19), will soon embark on a quest to strike a new balance, analysists say. The main forces of the new power struggle will be the globalist, nation-statist, and populist movements that have already been competing for a long time. It will not be easy to break old habits, but the flow of history will speed up. The direction of this movement, however, will be determined through the decisions being taken these days.

The COVID-19 outbreak has laid bare the global order’s immune system, which has turned out much weaker than it was thought.

The epicenter of the crisis originating in China has very quickly shifted to Iran, then to Europe.

In recent weeks, the U.S. has taken the lead in terms of new cases and the death toll. Countries’ preparedness for the virus, their measures, and crisis management skills emerge as a serious issue before many governments.

The pandemic is a public health issue, and everybody expects the public authority to step in to take action using its power. It is obviously a normal expectation. The overall ecosystem, consisting of public health, basic services, food, energy, transportation, and communication infrastructure and the supply chain, should work effectively and in harmony. How this ecosystem operates in concert will determine the health of the nation.

Three elements of this ecosystem will gain specific importance in the post-virus world, analysts predict. Bio-security, cyber-security, and food security will be the hot topics of the coming decades. Biological products, treatment methods and vaccines will be among the main topics of public health and health security.

Every day, billions of transactions are carried out over the Internet and social networks. Many think that this trend will gain greater intensity in the post-COVID-19 world, and practices, such as working from home and video conferencing, will be used more frequently. Therefore, communication infrastructure, cybersecurity, and the protection of private data will become more important.

Food security will enforce the development of new areas of expertise and investment in both how food is produced and how it is supplied. The natural and chemical components of the food we buy and how it is delivered to our tables will also gain more importance.

These three security issues will bring up the necessity of new regulations between countries and in global markets. Countries with strong agriculture will be among the winners in this process, economists say.

The new strain of coronavirus will take a heavy toll on the world economy. The cost of the SARS outbreak to the global economy in 2003 was around $40 billion. It is estimated that the cost of COVID-19 may be $ 3 to 4 trillion.

To accelerate the process of overcoming the aftermath of the crisis, national and domestic self-sufficiency and global cooperation will have to progress hand in hand, in coordination. All admit the significance of the national capacities of individual countries.

But the importance of international cooperation should not be underestimated. No country is expected to deal with such crises alone. Regional and international cooperation is much more important now than ever. A global order based on equality and fair sharing will be to the benefit of everybody. After COVID-19, national self-sufficiency and global cooperation will undoubtedly increase in importance.

The pandemic has exposed the already fragile fault lines of the current world system more radically. The lessons to be drawn from this process will determine the course that humanity will soon be walking along.

This epidemic has the potential to bring us closer together, as well as the possibility of removing us further apart. Humanity, which has brutally abused and maltreated nature for nearly two centuries, is called to reappraise old values, reconsider the priorities of our life. It is essential to make a radical paradigm shift in issues such as environmental crisis, climate change, biological and chemical weapons, GMO products and organic agriculture.

Serious self-reflection, the development of a new balance sheet based on reason and wisdom will allow the earth and the sky, and soil and water to start breathing again.

This will benefit all of humanity.


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