No-Till Lab Conference 2019 in Ukraine: We are responsible for the land we live on:

10 Jun 2019

“No-Till” technology is a modern model of tillage, where the soil is not processed in the traditional, mechanical, usual way with the help of ploughs but is covered with mulch (crushed remnants of crops). “No-Till” means “no tillage”.

Agrarians have long known that mechanical ploughing often leads to soil erosion. The “No-Till” method helps solve this problem by the application of gentle tillage: the holistic, undisturbed soil structure is the cornerstone and key goal of this technology. The fact is that every year, about 7 million hectares of land go out of circulation being subject to erosion and turning into sand.

The “zero” method of field processing is a complex technological model that requires special knowledge, the presence of highly qualified specialists and special equipment; therefore its positive effect can be obtained only when the integrated systematic approach is used.

The use of “No-Till” technology can significantly reduce the cost of agricultural work, since this method of field processing reduces labour costs and saves a considerable portion of expensive resources.

In Ukraine, in one of the first, its own adapted No-Tiller model is being born. Nowadays, agricultural firms in Kirovograd, Ternopil and Zhytomyr regions successfully use this technology.

The agricultural enterprises that use the method of the zero system of field processing have high profitability, rapidly develop, and have best results in growing crops in the regions.

The biggest in Ukraine conference on No-till technology – the NTLAB19, No-Till Laboratory Conference 2019, the field practice was devoted to the consideration of these issues.

The Conference, held on May 30-31 in Mayskoye, Dnieper region, was focused on work in the field. Part of the Conference was held directly at the experimental plots and in the fields of “Agro-Soyuz” and “Anastasia” farm.


The speeches of all participants contained practical advice that could be applied in real practice.



The NTLAB19 offered a lot of networking with like-minded people and potential partners.

The Conference was organized by:

– Mikhail Draganchuk, farmer and blogger, author of the YouTube channel No-Tiller

– and “Agro-Soyuz Projects LLC”.

Representatives of 18 Ukrainian regions and 6 countries: Kazakhstan, Moldova, Lithuania, Latvia, Russia, Bulgaria – attended the Conference.

Best experts / practitioners shared their experience at the No-Till Lab Conference. They are professionals which move the agrarian business forward. Year after year, they prove that the future belongs to No-Till technology.

The Conference provided concrete practical tools that can help increase the profitability of agribusiness, preserve and improve the quality of cultivated soil; provided valuable practical experience to each participant of the event.

One of the forum’s highlights was the speech of Vladimir Khorishko, one of the organizers of the project, Hero of Ukraine. His speech was called “Information for reflection”.

Vladimir Khorishko, with fatherly care, relying on his life experience, shared his philosophical outlook, revealing man as a multi-structural metaphysical system. He believes that each person, working on his inner transfiguration, can bring all his subsystems into harmony of balance, and, thus, radically change his own life in all spheres. His speech aroused keen interest. The participants actively asked questions, what showed the significance of the topic raised. This conceptually new approach creates a new paradigm of the future Lab conferences, bringing the scale of its impact far beyond the limits of agribusiness. And one of the speakers commented on Vladimir Khorishko’s speech saying: “It is it not a religion, but a philosophy”.

According to the No-Till Lab Conference, the future of the agricultural business and soil fertility preservation is the application of this unconventional approach, when the soil is regarded as a living biologically intelligent self-regulating environment, where all plants live in commonwealth and serve each other.

This wise approach, emerged from experience and based on the industry leaders’ achievements, allows “notillers” to use carefully soil resources without abusing herbicides and pesticides; to maintain economic efficiency, and launch mechanisms that preserve the soil healthy and fertile for future generations.

Thus, the No-Till Lab provides an opportunity, inspiration and impulse to translate agricultural work into creative intellectual work. And courageous and noble people, armed with new knowledge and skills, will be able to move forward, introduce the required novelty into the established agrotechnical foundations and rules. Surprisingly, but sometimes the most difficult thing is to overcome our former views, to revise our former achievements. The agricultural pioneers, those who are ready to change their minds first of all, accept the new knowledge from specialists who use No-Tiller technologies; they support beginners, inspire doubters.

In a friendly atmosphere of sincere dialogue, skillfully created at the No-Till Lab Conference, a community of seekers, progressive, thinking agrarians of Ukraine, who are not indifferent to the future of the land was born.

The organizers conducted the field practice in a creative atmosphere, showing the results of their experiments, observations and achievements.


The two-day forum was held at a good organizational level, with love and care for the participants. Its organizers say that Ukraine’s own adapted model of the No-Till program is being born.


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